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11 QuestionS to ask your tuxEDO provider

  1. Can I try on some tuxedo options in my size before we make a final decision to use your company without any cost or obligation?

  2. How much will I be charged to register my wedding with you?

  3. If I bring my bridesmaid's swatch, can you show me samples of a matching vest and tie?

  4. Do you have samples of all your tuxedos in the store?  Or, would I mostly pick out of a catalog?

  5. Can you accommodate same day deliveries for groomsmen who need last minute changes?

  6. Can you show me your in-store alterations equipment? Are all staff trained to perform professional alterations?

  7. How can I manage and track my wedding party online?

  8. How long have you been supplying tuxedo rentals for weddings?

  9. Can you show me the tuxedos you offer for a Ringbearer discount?

  10. What is your rush fee for last minute orders? What is considered "rush"?

  11. Do you rely on a third party or subcontractor to supply my wedding tuxedos?